Gremlins Dice Set by Q Workshop

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Grab your munchies for a sentimental journey inspired by a movie from the 80s!

Plot twist: one of the dice is different from others! Six of them, shimmering green, depict the mischievous Gremlins; the last one, a shimmering copper D6, shows the fluffy Gizmo (adorable enough to have its own). 

    This set comes with the following dice:

    • 1pc x 20 sided dice
    • 1pc x 12 sided dice
    • 1pc x 10 sided dice (0-9)
    • 1pc x 10 sided dice (00-90)
    • 1pc x 8 sided dice
    • 1pc x 6 sided dice
    • 1pc x 4 sided dice

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