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Discover the enchanting beauty of Bea DnD's Resin Dice collection! Crafted from high-quality resin materials, our Resin Dice feature unique and intricately crafted designs that are sure to capture your imagination. From ethereal swirls to mesmerizing inclusions, each set is a masterpiece in its own right. Our Resin Dice collection is perfect for players who appreciate the finer things in life and collectors who want to add something special to their collection. But don't stop at just one set! Pair your Resin Dice with our Gemstone Dice, Metal Dice, and Acrylic Dice collections to create a diverse and personalised dice arsenal. And with our D30's, D60's, and 14 Piece Dice Sets, you'll have everything you need for any tabletop adventure.

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Mystery Dice Bag

$10.00 NZD

Random Dice

$1.00 NZD

Q Workshop Advent Dice Calendar

$105.00 NZD

'Fanroll' Misfit Mini Dice Mystery Bag

$20.00 NZD

64 products