Buylist Process

Hi BeaDnDer!

Looking to sell your magic cards? We can help 😊 

Using the buylist and selling us cards

1: Login to the buylist (you may need to set an account up on our site if you haven’t already, but don’t worry the buylist function will prompt you 😊)

2: Submit your buylist and indicate if you want cash or store credit. This will give you a quote for your cards.

3: Once your buylist is submitted, we will review it. If your buylist is approved we will ask you to send it or drop it off, if you buylist is not approved, please DO NOT send us your cards. We recommend if sending to use a courier with signature required and tracking so they do not go missing.

Ether pop in or send your cards to:

BeaDnD Games
199 Jackson Street 

4: Once your cards are received will then check against your buylist for accuracy and quality (and to make sure you haven’t sent us more cards than you meant to). If we have any queries, we will contact you.

5: Once we have confirmed your buylist, we'll contact you before processing to make sure you are still happy to proceed. If it’s a cash sale we will also confirm your payment details before paying, even if we have paid out to you before – the last thing we want to do is send money to the wrong account.

Bulk Cards or a Collection to sell?

Have an entire collection to sell and don’t want to spend hours entering every single card into the buylist? Well, let’s make it easy – reach out to us at and we will sort the details with you 😊

We define bulk cards as worth less than $2.00

For bulk cards we pay as follows: 
Commons and Uncommons $5.00 per 1000 Cards
Rares and Mythics 10 cents per card

Before you start your sell order, please read the selling information below. We will tell you how to sell us your cards, how to pack your cards, how we grade, payment information and more.

If you have any other questions, or couldn’t find your answers in the sections below, please feel free to reach out to us any time at or give us a call on 04 5956205 between 9am and 5pm, and we’ll do our best to help you.

Before you Sell – Frequently Asked Questions

Is my buylist a set price you will purchase it at?

The prices stated when submitting your buylist should be considered as a quote only; card prices are recalculated based on market value and card condition at the time your cards arrive at our store.

Highly volatile cards (e.g. cards from a newly released set) are affected most by this policy, but generally speaking the longer you take to send us your cards, the less accurate your initial quote will be.

How long does the grading process take?

The grading process will fluctuate depending upon how busy we are and how many orders we have at the time. After your order arrives, we will verify its contents and update the status as arrived within 72 hours. Once the order is marked as arrived, it will be graded and finalised in 1 to 5 business days. These time frames may vary depending on Public Holidays and Sales.

How do you grade my cards?

We use TCG players grading guide to confirm quality of cards. Check out this link for details

Do you contact me with the grading results before finalizing my order?

Yes, once we have processed your sell order, you will need to confirm it before we are able to proceed. You will need to confirm it within 3 business days, or we may need to cancel the order due to prices updating.

Can I change my mind and get my cards back after my order is finalised?

Not once it is finalised as once we’ve finalised an order, the order is committed to our live inventory. There will be no way to tell which cards are yours at that point, so we will not be able to return the cards to you if you change your mind. However, we do contact you prior to finalising just to confirm details and to double check you are still happy to sell.

Will you ever cancel my buylist?

If we do not receive your cards within 2 weeks of you submitting your buylist, we will cancel your buylist request. This is to prevent our buylist queue from backing up. If we happen to receive your buylist after we've cancelled it, we will still process it as normal and contact you though.

Do you ever refuse to buy certain cards?

We reserve the right to refuse to purchase certain cards received at our discretion. We will notify you and explain why if this occurs.

How quickly will I get paid?

Once your cards are received by our team, we will verify its contents and update the status within 48 hours. You may see a notification from your shipping company before you see a modification to your buylist. We go through multiple deliveries of mail each day, so once your package is delivered to us, it may be a few hours before we are able to open the package to mark that it has received.

Your cards will then be graded and finalised in one to five business days, depending on how many orders we have at the time.

Once your order is graded and finalised, you will receive an email asking you to confirm that you are happy with our offer, that you are still happy to sell your cards, and to confirm your payment details. After you have accepted the offer, confirmed you are still happy to sell and your payment details, we will pay you! Bank deposit and Store Credit payments are usually issued within 48 hours of the order being finalised.

We are unable to pay for cards not received by us, even if they appear on your buylist. If a card is not included in your buylist shipment for any reason, we cannot offer cash or store credit for the card. Please make sure that your buylist correctly reflects what you are sending us 😊

How do I get my cards back if I decline the purchase offer?

You can pick them up instore, or we can ship them back to you at your cost.



How to pack your Singles

* Always be sure to include your name contact details in the package so we can tell they came from you 😊

* In order to ensure that the Buylist process proceeds as quickly as possible, please ensure that all your cards are in the same exact order as they appear on your buylist.

* Cards should be secured in a hard-shell case, deck box, fat pack or other solid container or box. Avoid using rubber bands, tape, paper clips, or any other containers that may damage your cards.

* Ensure that the cards are packed securely and will not shift or fall out during transit and try to have as little open space in the package as possible. Packing peanuts, packing paper, newspapers, and bubble wrap are great packing materials that are suggested by many shipping companies.

* When packaging and securing your cards, do not use excessive tape or other materials that will put your cards at risk by making the package difficult to open.

* We encourage you to use shipping that comes with tracking information and insurance for your shipment to protect you. We are unable to pay you for cards we do not receive, so unfortunately if you order is lost in the mail, we cannot complete your buylist. Having tracking information and insurance will ensure that you will be taken care of, no matter what happens.

Not sure how to use the buylist?

You can either watch a handy video here or read on 😊

1: Go the buylist on our site.

2: You will need to login or create an account (it will prompt you so it’s really easy)

3: Choose the game you want to sell us cards for.

4: Select store credit or cash on the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen. If you want to do a mix of both, you will need to do separate buylists, or contact us at and we will help sort that out.

5: Using the search bar find the cards you are looking to sell us. Double check sets and condition. There is a set selector drop down as well to make life easier.

6:Then select the condition of the card and how many you want to sell using the + symbol to add them to the Buylist. (Unsure about how to grade your cards? We use TCG players grading guide to confirm quality of cards. Check out this link for details)

7: Once you've completed your buylist, select 'Submit Buylist' to confirm. We will sent a list of your cards. We will be in contact to confirm receiving your buylist and to check wether you are couriering cards to us or dropping them off.

    Still Have Questions?

      Give us a call on 04 5956205, email us at  or pop in and see us at 199 Jackson St, Petone.