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Step into a world of creativity and imagination with our expansive collection of miniatures. Whether you're a dedicated painter, a tabletop gamer, or a collector, our miniature collection offers a vast selection that will bring your visions to life. Whether you’re looking to paint and design your own miniatures or simply looking to build your collection, we have a wide range to choose from. Bring your adventures to life like never before with our range of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. Let your creativity soar with our unpainted D&D miniatures. Re-enact epic battles with our Star Wars collection. Paint confidently and bring your miniatures to life with our wide range of paints. Start building your miniature collection today!

15 products

Vallejo Game Colour - Inks (Single Bottle 18ml)

  • Black Green Ink
  • Dark Turquoise Ink
  • Green Ink
  • Magenta Ink
  • Sepia Ink
  • Skin Ink
  • Violet Ink
  • Yellow Ink

$8.00 NZD

Vallejo Xpress Colour (Single Bottle 18ml)

  • Caribbean Turquoise
  • Imperial Yellow
  • Lizard Green
  • Martian Orange
  • Mystic Blue
  • Nuclear Yellow
  • Omega Blue
  • Plague Green
  • Snake Green
  • Storm Blue
  • Templar White
  • Troll Green
  • Wasteland Brown

$10.00 NZD

Vallejo Game Colour - Special FX Paints (Single Bottle 18ml)

  • Acid
  • Demon Blood
  • Green Rust
  • Vomit

$8.00 NZD

Vallejo Game Colour - Paints (Single Bottle 18ml)

  • Bronze Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Ghost Green
  • Imperial Blue
  • Plague Brown
  • Scrofulous Brown
  • Toxic Yellow
  • Verdigris

$8.00 NZD

Fire Fury - Fantasy Paint Set by Vallejo

$35.00 NZD

15 products