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Embark on epic adventures with Bea DnD's Roleplaying collection! Our extensive selection of Pathfinder RPG books,  accessories, and collectables provides everything you need to create immersive worlds and exciting stories. The Pathfinder collection features core rulebooks, adventure modules, and sourcebooks to help both new and experienced players dive into the iconic world of fantasy roleplaying. Complement your RPG gaming experience with our collection of dice and miniatures. Enhance your role-playing sessions with GM Accessories like battle maps and GM screens, and explore other RPG genres with our Horror RPGs, Sci-Fi RPGs, and Indie RPGs offerings. Delve into the world of Fantasy Roleplaying with Bea DnD's collection today!

77 products

Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary

$125.00 NZD

Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary 2

$105.00 NZD

Pathfinder Second Edition Guns & Gears

$114.00 NZD

Pathfinder First Edition Bestiary 6

$90.00 NZD

77 products