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Viciously mock & antagonize your way around the adventuring world with this 100 card Deck of Many Insults. The must have RPG card deck! Spice up your vicious mockery, offend every NPC you meet and defeat your opponents verbally with style.

A deck of 100 cheeky retorts, comebacks, insults and profanities to ensure you can deliver a crushing verbal victory in any scenario. Vicious Mockery has never been so much fun or so easy. Also perfect for some lively table banter! 

These sharp observations, comebacks and quips will gain you the upper hand in any verbal altercation. Now your character can deliver devastating dialog with ease, crude cant and profane prose are all at your fingertips!

And for the bards, your Vicious Mockery will land each and every time. Now no one will be in doubt who has scored the verbal victory!

Morality Advisory. Excessive use of unnecessarily explicit language. Some knowledge of anatomy required.

Never again will you be stuck for ideas on how to viciously mock your adversaries!

From unflattering comparisons which dredge the lowest gutters of 5E's monsters, through to tear inducing observations on taste, personal hygiene and decision making, there is a witty put down or sharp retort here for any occasion.

This deck of 100 cards are of the highest quality.

350 GSM art cardstock large cards, are 2.5x3.5 inches, with full color artwork, these eye catching cards are sure to draw attention at your table.

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