Dungeons and Dragons: The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons

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Experience the wonder of dragons like never before with Dungeons and Dragons: The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons. This lavishly illustrated guide showcases a multitude of fantastic dragons encountered in the realms of D&D. From fighting dragons to riding them, this comprehensive guide offers invaluable tips and abundant insight into the awe-inspiring creatures that roam the worlds of fantasy. 

Delve into the appearance, capabilities, habits, lairs, and treasures of ten distinct dragon kinds. With annotations from the legendary wizard Sindri Suncatcher, The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons combines the very best content from three classic bestsellers: A Practical Guide to Dragons, A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding, and A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic. Fully updated with the latest lore, this indispensable volume is a must-have for new adventurers and dragon enthusiasts.

Part field guide, part illustrated storybook, this trusty resource provides a deep dive into the majesty and lore of D&D's most fantastical creatures. Embark on a lifelong adventure filled with magical encounters and inspire the love of dragons in the hearts of young enthusiasts. Dungeon Masters will find an invaluable treasure trove of knowledge within these pages, enhancing their campaigns with extraordinary dragon lore.

Prepare to be captivated by lavish artwork, expertly crafted by renowned fantasy artists, bringing these majestic creatures to life on every page. Immerse yourself in the world of dragons with The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons – the ultimate companion for dragon lovers and D&D enthusiasts alike.

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