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Get Your Adventure on!

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Will you go down to the woods today?

If you do, you are sure to find adventure! From wolves, to talking trees, to kidnapped princes, it a busy day in the woods….

We know that sometimes you just need a few adventure hooks to send the party off on some side quests, so you have some time to figure out what to do to get your campaign back on track after they have turned a crucial NPC into a butterfly….

So here is ‘It All Started In The Woods’, 100 adventure hooks to give you that all important breathing space to figure out where a wizard can fit in to turn the Vampire Lord back from a butterfly….

All these adventure hooks and NPC's were created for ease of use and can be seamlessly inserted into any campaign or RPG game night to provide fun, new and easy opportunities for storytelling and adventure!

This is a digital download PDF version.

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