Rescue Rainbow City - A level 3 to level 12 5th Edition Adventure

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Rainbow City once stood as a great beacon of equality. The pride of queer folk everywhere, the great city was a place where all were welcome, a haven for individuals who flocked to it from near and far. The city hosted multiple districts within its mighty walls, each decorated in a different hue of the rainbow. The painted roofs and bright lights made the city shine on the horizon.

Such a wondrous place was this, that it drew the attention of those with darker motives. With the help of its cult following, the monstrous creature known only as Khathicalk, claimed the city for itself. Khathicalk now rests in the heart of the city, its engorged body becoming more than eighty feet in height, an undulating mass of flesh and eyes and teeth. 

Hope remains that the city may yet be freed from Khathicalk’s dark reign, and perhaps one day restored to its former glory, to become a beacon of queer pride once more.

  • Over 90+ pages full of Heroics and Queerness
  • A level 3 to level 12 adventure
  • A full city with 10 zones coloured by the rainbow
  • 40+ unique locations across the zones to explore and liberate
  • 25+ NPCs with descriptions, gender, sexuality, professions and motivations
  • 50+ monsters with abilites based on the colored zone they reside in

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